July 24th, 2009 by 3D Studios Staff

3D Studios Oakland has been working with the Williams-Sonoma brand stores for over 15 years, making numerous metal display fixtures, canopies, door pulls, and custom prototypes.

In 2005, we teamed up with their designers and architects to create the flagship Williams-Sonoma Home Store in Palo Alto’s Stanford Shopping Center. Our major contribution to this store was fabricating and finishing all of the exterior metalwork.  It became one of our biggest single jobs to date. The store’s front entrance is shown here with balconies and awnings on either side, all fabricated by 3D Studios Oakland. 

We also provided the inner wall structure supports for the awnings and balconies, and angle supports for all the shutters.

The image at right shows a close-up view of the entrance and highlights the entry singage frame and the upper planter rail and the “waterfall” of formed metal below the railing.

All the “rosettes” at all exterior locations are gold leafed by 3D Studios Oakland.

The image below shows the front view of a 2nd floor balcony and awning show a beautiful color scheme of the awning fabric, planter foliage and the “Spray Bronze” finish on the fabricated metal.

The “spray bronze” finish was applied to all the exterior metal on the store. This includes all balconies with planters, awning frames, window tracery, shutter frames with hardware and entry singage frame. The spray bronze is a 4 part process that uses atomized bronze dust that is applied to the surface of all the metal items. This surface can then have a acid patina applied to the surface to give it the oiled rubbed bronze look. The finish has aged extremely well and will keep its deep bronze look for years to come.

The awning frames are highly detailed with a early 19th century French look with over 170 individual parts to make up (1) awning support. The awning fabric is by “Zebra Awning” in San Francisco and the entry signage letters are by “Thomas Swan Sign” in Richmond. The wood inlays in the shutter frames is by “SAJO” of Canada. All exterior metal and finish work is by 3D Studio.

The slide show below has all of the images above as well as some additional close-ups of some of the detail work on the balconies and their tapered “I-Beam” supports, the custom machined awning hinges and latches and the supports for the entry sign. Watch it full-screen by clicking the button in the bottom right corner!

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